smart & open technology

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We provide complete & easy solutions for your IT needs!

We know that you want to run business your way and that you might not have a PhD in computer science. Not to worry. We've got a solution you need to make your IT infrastructure worry-free.



Put your IT infrastructure in the cloud to reduce costs and expensive downtimes. Your customers and employes will appreciate the performance and simplicity of using your service hosted on a trusted, redundant and always available infrastructure.

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Internet of Things

Working on a new IoT project? We provide professional support for your dev team at reasonable cost.
Have a great idea but no internal DevOps? We can develop, test and deploy the whole system for you.

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Software development

Need a web application? Intranet site? Maybe your customers could benefit from a new mobile application? We have skilled & talented developers who can help.

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We know how your data is important to you. We specialize in designing & auditing IT systems to make them immune to security threats.

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